The curiosity and creativity of a child are some of the most precious aspects that we get to witness each and every day. It is commonly said that children say the darndest things, but their words can be insightful, pure, and prolific. At Idaho Therapy Source, we pay close attention to everything that children say. For the parents, ourselves, and the community that we support, we initiated a daily log a decade ago of the most beautiful things that are said while your child was in our care.

  • “I’m good at causing a lot of problems, so I am an accident prevention expert!”
  • “I don’t consider that I know everything, but with what I do know I am very clever.”
  • “I love grapes and strawberries and marshmallows and whipped cream and printers and computers, and candy and eating lots of sugar and not getting diabetes.”
  • “I listen to you guys here, but I don’t listen like that to my mom at home.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’m just smelling the wall.”
  • “When you are a teenager, you get to say stuff like “I need space” or “I’m going to have me time now.”

children playing with pots and pans

group of happy kids

  • “To get what we need for the popcorn, we take the ears of corn and strip them of their resources.”
  • After trying a bean from the game Bean Boozled the little boy said, “I’ve eaten my boogers before and they don’t taste anything like that!”
  • “I won’t correct you unless I’m right.”
  • “I am going to ask my mom if I can spend the night here so we can go bowling.”
  • “I was not hitting it; I was just high fiving it on the side.”
  • “I love Donna because she gave me superpowers.”
  • “If you see a flash of light, it’s not because an idea came from me. It’s lightning.”
  • Therapist: “What are things that bother you?” Child: “Weird people. That means people without boundaries. Oh, and hillbillies.”
  • “Never discuss an alligator’s weight.”
  • “Lara, can we be best friends forever?”
  • “You can lead a fish to water, but you can’t make them drink.”
  • “I like my new house, but my room is always messy. I don’t clean it.”
  • “I don’t want to move too much because if I do, it will make my hair grow.”
  • “I had to yell; he was talking.”
  • “Did you know that mango tastes like cat tongue?”
  • “One, two, three, four, five, six…twenty!” Therapist: “How did you get to twenty so fast?” Child: “It’s easy! You just skip all the other numbers.”

children sitting outside