Continuously Seeking A Better Way…

Idaho Therapy Source was born in 2008 when its founder, Christine Dickens, set out to create a distinguished therapeutic environment that delivered the highest-quality care for its patients, while at the same time delivering an unparalleled working environment that promotes therapists’ health and thus prevents burnout that is so prevalent in healthcare providers. Having spent more than 22 years in the private practice, hospital, private and public schools’ treatment environments in various states, Christine identified both benefits and shortcomings in each environment. In most cases, however, it was obvious that the children were receiving less-than-optimal care while the therapists were burning out from heavy workloads and unreasonable documentation expectations.

Christine opened the first Idaho Therapy Source clinic in Nampa, Idaho in 2010—where she worked on developing proven treatment methodologies, crafting a challenging and fun clinical environment for her patients, and automating the documentary elements of the OT Practice.

In 2013, Christine broke ground on a brand new 3,100 square foot, stand-alone facility in the Idaho Center district of Nampa. The new Idaho Therapy Source facility features a state-of-the-art gym and equipment, quiet treatment rooms, a seasonal outdoor treatment area, a “messy” materials room, kitchen, dining, and bathroom facilities that mimic a home environment, spacious offices, and collaboration areas for therapists.

Idaho Therapy Source

Idaho Therapy Source gym