Idaho Therapy Source

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is therapy aimed at helping people gain and maintain the “occupations” of their lives. These occupations include eating, sleeping, bathing, playing, dressing and grooming, socializing, leisure pursuits, and succeeding in a scholastic setting. A child’s occupation is play.

Play to Live. Live to Play.

At Idaho Therapy Source, play is the main approach used in therapy with the children. Seeing as no two children are alike, every therapy session is tailored toward each child’s specific goals and family objectives for their own personal successes. Children are scheduled according to their social needs, grouped with same age peers as much as possible, for ongoing success in one of the most important occupation we have as humans relating to each other.

Occupational Therapy Strategies

Pediatric occupational therapy applies several strategies, or “modalities” to challenge children’s abilities and to develop their various gross and fine motor skills. From working with these modalities, OTs have been able to create several programs that test and integrate the various modalities to optimize children’s developmental success.

The therapists and staff at Idaho Therapy Source are certified in the application of the following treatment programs:

  • Attention, Memory & Processing Skills (AMPS)
  • Sensory Integration & Praxis Test (SIPT)
  • Therapeutic Listening