Idaho Therapy Source

New Patient Process

Follow the steps below to enroll your child for care at Idaho Therapy Source.

Step 1:

Have your child’s pediatrician fax over a referral for occupational therapy at our fax number: (208) 442-2505. Contact your child’s insurance company to verify outpatient occupational therapy benefits. If you need help with the insurance verification process, please allow us to help you.

Step 2:

After receiving the referral, we will call you to schedule an initial evaluation.

Step 3:

If possible, please follow these links and fill out our attached Registration and Cancellation Policy forms to expedite the evaluation process.

Step 4:

Bring your child to our office for his/her evaluation. The process is about two hours. If you haven’t filled out the forms in Step 3 before the appointment, you will be asked to fill them out prior to the initial evaluation. Please also have your child’s insurance documentation ready for us to copy.

Step 5:

After the evaluation, your child will be scheduled for therapy according to his/her plan of care as determined by our occupational therapist.

Registration FormCancellation Policy